Paul Warner Laboratory

The Warner laboratory studies lymphocytes (a type of white blood cells) called Natural Killer T cells (NKT cells). Developing profiles of the numbers and characteristics of NKT cells may provide information that enables clinicians to predict a patient's response to an organ transplant or a blood transfusion and tailor treatment accordingly. In addition, Dr. Warner's lab is working to develop better and more specific methods for matching donor organs and patients to ensure the best possible outcome.

Areas of Study

  • Discovery-based investigations into the function of Natural Killer T-cells
  • Application-based studies to improve the performance and interpretation of clinical tests to improve the outcome in organ transplant recipients
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Dr. Warner's Background

  • Co-Director, Immunogenetics/HLA Laboratory
  • Ph.D., Washington State University, 2003
  • Member, Director Training Review Committee, American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics



Paul Warner, PhD
Co-Director and D (ABHI)
Immunogenetics/HLA Laboratory

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Wendy Hofeling
Customer Service and Data Coordinator
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