Karen Nelson Laboratory

Research in the Nelson laboratory focuses on the immune system's response to organ transplants and blood transfusions. Dr. Nelson's lab partners with clinician scientists in identifying biomarkers (substances that can be detected in the blood) that can be used to measure the patient's risk of having a reaction. The lab translates results obtained from research into tests that can be used in clinical management.

Areas of Study

  • The response of antibody-producing cells after transplantation
  • Clinical laboratory tests to determine the biochemical profile of a successful organ transplant recipient
  • Immune system responses to blood transfusion
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Dr. Nelson's Background

  • Joined the Blood Center in 1989
  • Director of the Blood Center's Specialty Diagnostics Laboratory

Karen Nelson, PhD D(ABHI)
Director Specialty
Diagnostics Laboratories
Co-Director Immunogenetics/HLA

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Wendy Hofeling
Customer Service and Data Coordinator
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