José López Laboratory

"Blood is vital to the well-being of humans, as it flows through every organ in the body. Blood research provides a window for the understanding of all human diseases."
José López, MD

The López laboratory has been involved for many years in studies aimed at understanding the basic mechanisms of platelet adhesion and the roles that platelets play in inflammation.

Additional projects in the laboratory concern membrane blebs (out-pockets) called microvesicles or microparticles and their roles in normal hemostasis (checking bleeding), thrombosis (unwanted blood clotting), and acute inflammatory responses.

Areas of Study

  • Platelet adhesion and von Willebrand factor
  • Platelets in inflammation
  • Blood vessel blockages in sickle cell disease
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Dr. López's Background

  • Joined the Blood Center in 2006
  • Executive Vice President for Research
  • Previously Vice-Chair of Medicine for Research and Scientific Director of the Thrombosis Research Section, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas
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