Research at Bloodworks Northwest

Our Blood Research Saves Lives
Since 1944, Bloodworks Northwest scientists have transformed medical science with breakthroughs in:

  • blood storage
  • transfusion
  • transplantation
  • hemophilia care

These discoveries have redefined best practices and improved patient care. From the beginning, research has been an integral part of the Blood Center's mission.

Why Research?
Our commitment to patient care goes beyond using the best methods and technologies available. Pushing the boundaries ever forward of what is possible, our investigators research real-world clinical problems to develop new treatments, new therapies, and new cures that help patients around the world live longer, healthier lives.

Today, our scientific staff is nearly 70, including 11 Principal Investigators, work in specialized labs to better the lives of patients with bleeding disorders, patients who need lifesaving transfusions or bone marrow matches, and many others. Our research program has been recognized worldwide for major advancements and contributions to transfusion and transplantation medicine.