Life-Saving Discoveries

Bloodworks Northwest has been discovering and developing new technologies to save lives for nearly 70 years. The Blood Center was one of the first in the world to focus on blood research and is now an international leader in the field.

Patients are the driving force behind all research conducted at the Blood Center. Our investigators work to improve patient care by solving real-world clinical problems. This method of translating laboratory discoveries into medical practice has resulted in many advances and lifesaving treatments developed by the Blood Center and in use worldwide.

Bloodworks Northwest's Research Institute has developed methods and treatments that have revolutionized transfusion medicine:

  • Tripling the storage life of blood components, reducing severe blood shortages around the world
  • Storing platelets to enable bone-marrow transplants and open heart surgery
  • Improving transfusion therapy in treatment for trauma and burns
  • Enhancing hemophilia care, adding up to 30 years to patients' lives

Medical institutions in Western Washington and around the globe rely on the Blood Center's unparalleled expertise in blood research and transfusion medicine. Our current research projects are tackling some of the most critical problems in medicine today and will potentially save hundreds of thousands of lives.