Core Facilities and Technologies Overview

Bloodworks Northwest Research Institute realizes the critical value of core services and technologies that support our scientific competencies in:

  • cell biology
  • biochemistry
  • chemistry
  • genetics
  • reduction oxidization biology
  • stem cell biology
  • megakaryopoeisis
  • platelet biology
  • vascular biology
  • translational research
  • erythrocyte biology

The BloodworksNW Research Institute also has expertise in many techniques:

  • mass spectrometry
  • flow cytometry
  • flow chambers
  • surface plasmon resonance
  • recombinant protein production
  • siRNA
  • DNA cloning
  • cell signaling

We operate several dedicated shared core technical facilities including Mass Spectrometry (MS) and Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) – each having specialized teams and facilities.

These cores serve as critical resources for supporting the work of our clinical researchers across blood research specialties.