When You Need a Transfusion

If you have never had a transfusion before, it is normal to be a little concerned. Whether the person getting the transfusion is you or a family member, we would like to answer some questions you might have.

Transfusion of blood components may be a recommended and beneficial treatment for many medical conditions. Blood transfusions are common: about 5 million Americans have transfusions every year. It is the most frequently performed medical procedure that people have during hospital stays.

The pages within this site and the downloadable When You Need a Transfusion brochure are for educational purposes only – to inform patients who may receive a transfusion. They are not a substitute for the Transfusion Consent Form, and the discussion that your medical provider will have with you. They do not explain the specific medical reasons and risks associated with the transfusion that your own medical provider has prescribed for you.


When You Need a Transfusion (PDF)

If you have questions contact your physician, or call the Bloodworks Northwest Transfusion Information Line, at 206-292-1840.