Fellowship Training in Transfusion Medicine

The NHLBI has identified the training of blood center medical directors as an important need. The Bloodworks Northwest, in which service, management, research, and teaching have been developed together in an integrated manner for over 50 years, provides an excellent environment for such training.

The program includes training in:

1. clinical transfusion practice and supporting laboratory sciences, including immunohematology, platelet serology, histocompatibility, hemostasis, and virology;

2. blood resource management, including donor recruitment, blood collection, processing, distribution, and quality assurance; and

3. administrative and business management of a transfusion service and regional blood center.

Experienced transfusion, transplantation, and tissue banking personnel supervise the trainee. The fellow is expected to attain a level of competence and understanding that will prepare him or her to function as a blood center director, clinical consultant, and educator.

  For more information about the Bloodworks Northwest Fellowship Training in Transfusion Medicine, contact Theresa Nester, MD at TheresaN@bloodworksnw.org or the program coordinator, Tony White at (206) 689-6523 or TonyW@BloodworksNW.org.